Explore Day Hiking Trails Near Medford, NJ

For lots of residents, location is key. They want to be close to the things they love and enjoy — family and friends, dining, entertainment, and the great outdoors. Finding the right apartment based on location can sometimes be a struggle, especially for the nature lover. If you’re looking for perfect day hiking trails near Medford, NJ, to complement your adventurous living style, thankfully, there are plenty of gorgeous places to choose from. In the area in and around Haynes Run, you can find places to hike, bike, canoe, and fish.

Dr. James Still Nature Trail

This hike, though under a mile long, features signs along the path educating the hiker on what kind of plants and historical sites are around them. The trail was put in place with the help of a local Eagle Scout. You’ll walk through the old farm property of a doctor born in the early 1800s, the son of two former slaves who taught himself the ways of the plants around him and put them to use healing people with difficult ailments. A wonderful short, family-friendly hike, this trail can be a good start for those who want to bring out their inner woodsman.

Hartford Crossing Trails

This trail system was started in 2014 with one main loop. Since then, several side loops have been added, so you can take a different trail every time you go. On the main loop alone, you’ll walk about 1.25 miles. Lots of beautiful wildlife can be found here, as well as small meadows with wildflowers during the warm seasons. Very close to the trailhead is Johnson’s Farm, an area favorite that features activities such as a go-kart track and offers pick-your-own produce during the right time of year.

Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

There are three main trails around the wildlife refuge. One trail leads around a lake, while another takes you through the animal enclosures that the refuge takes care of. Cedar Run cares for more than 4,700 injured or displaced native wildlife each year. Their goal is to preserve New Jersey’s wildlife and habitats, and you can ask workers any questions on the animals or things you see on the trails. Many visitors to the refuge’s trails comment on the wonderful birdwatching that they experienced, seeing woodpeckers, falcons, and owls.

Medford Wildlife Management Area

There are miles and miles of trails in this area! You can take some of the more well-worn trails, as the trails are often used for horseback riding. Or, if you’d prefer, you can explore on your own off the beaten path. The easiest trail is to walk around the edge of the field, where you can watch the birds and admire the beautiful wildflowers that grow during the spring and summer. Another wonderful birdwatching trail, many residents and migratory birds can be seen especially through spring and fall.

There are day hiking trails near Medford, NJ, for all kinds of people. You can find paths for those who are excited to get out and try hiking for the first time, or for more seasoned outdoorsmen who see more of nature than they do of the indoors. Many people have started taking to the woods as a way to calm down from their busy lives, and thankfully Medford has everything you could want in an outdoor getaway. You never know — your next adventure could be waiting for you right around the block.

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